Data Fields
FFFramePool Struct Reference

Frame pool. More...

Data Fields

enum AVMediaType type
int width
int height
int planes
int channels
int nb_samples
int format
int align
int linesize [4]
AVBufferPoolpools [4]

Detailed Description

Frame pool.

This structure is opaque and not meant to be accessed directly. It is allocated with ff_frame_pool_init() and freed with ff_frame_pool_uninit().

Definition at line 30 of file framepool.c.

Field Documentation

◆ type

enum AVMediaType FFFramePool::type

◆ width

int FFFramePool::width

◆ height

int FFFramePool::height

◆ planes

int FFFramePool::planes

Definition at line 39 of file framepool.c.

Referenced by ff_frame_pool_audio_init(), and ff_frame_pool_get().

◆ channels

int FFFramePool::channels

◆ nb_samples

int FFFramePool::nb_samples

◆ format

int FFFramePool::format

◆ align

int FFFramePool::align

◆ linesize

int FFFramePool::linesize[4]

◆ pools

AVBufferPool* FFFramePool::pools[4]

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