Data Fields
HEVCContext Struct Reference

#include <hevcdec.h>

Data Fields

const AVClassc
struct HEVCContext ** sList
HEVCLocalContext ** HEVClcList
uint8_t threads_type
uint8_t threads_number
int width
int height
uint8_t * cabac_state
uint8_t stat_coeff [HEVC_STAT_COEFFS]
uint8_t slice_initialized
 1 if the independent slice segment header was successfully parsed More...
uint8_t * sao_pixel_buffer_h [3]
uint8_t * sao_pixel_buffer_v [3]
HEVCParamSets ps
struct AVMD5md5_ctx
 candidate references for the current frame More...
RefPicList rps [5]
SliceHeader sh
enum HEVCNALUnitType nal_unit_type
int temporal_id
 temporal_id_plus1 - 1 More...
HEVCFrame DPB [32]
int poc
int pocTid0
int slice_idx
 number of the slice being currently decoded More...
int eos
 current packet contains an EOS/EOB NAL More...
int last_eos
 last packet contains an EOS/EOB NAL More...
int max_ra
int bs_width
int bs_height
int overlap
int is_decoded
int no_rasl_output_flag
HEVCPredContext hpc
HEVCDSPContext hevcdsp
VideoDSPContext vdsp
BswapDSPContext bdsp
H274FilmGrainDatabase h274db
int8_t * qp_y_tab
uint8_t * horizontal_bs
uint8_t * vertical_bs
uint8_t * skip_flag
uint8_t * tab_ct_depth
uint8_t * tab_ipm
uint8_t * cbf_luma
uint8_t * is_pcm
uint8_t * filter_slice_edges
uint8_t * checksum_buf
 used on BE to byteswap the lines for checksumming More...
int checksum_buf_size
uint16_t seq_decode
 Sequence counters for decoded and output frames, so that old frames are output first after a POC reset. More...
uint16_t seq_output
int enable_parallel_tiles
atomic_int wpp_err
const uint8_t * data
H2645Packet pkt
enum HEVCNALUnitType first_nal_type
uint8_t context_initialized
int is_nalff
 this flag is != 0 if bitstream is encapsulated as a format defined in 14496-15 More...
int apply_defdispwin
int nal_length_size
 Number of bytes used for nal length (1, 2 or 4) More...
int nuh_layer_id
 0 or 1 Dolby Vision RPUs. More...
DOVIContext dovi_ctx
 Dolby Vision decoding context. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 470 of file hevcdec.h.

Field Documentation

◆ c

const AVClass* HEVCContext::c

Definition at line 471 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ avctx

AVCodecContext* HEVCContext::avctx

Definition at line 472 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ sList

struct HEVCContext** HEVCContext::sList

Definition at line 474 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ HEVClcList

HEVCLocalContext** HEVCContext::HEVClcList

Definition at line 476 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ HEVClc

HEVCLocalContext* HEVCContext::HEVClc

Definition at line 477 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ threads_type

uint8_t HEVCContext::threads_type

Definition at line 479 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ threads_number

uint8_t HEVCContext::threads_number

Definition at line 480 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ width

int HEVCContext::width

Definition at line 482 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ height

int HEVCContext::height

Definition at line 483 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ cabac_state

uint8_t* HEVCContext::cabac_state

Definition at line 485 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ stat_coeff

uint8_t HEVCContext::stat_coeff[HEVC_STAT_COEFFS]

Definition at line 486 of file hevcdec.h.

Referenced by load_states().

◆ slice_initialized

uint8_t HEVCContext::slice_initialized

1 if the independent slice segment header was successfully parsed

Definition at line 489 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ frame

AVFrame* HEVCContext::frame

Definition at line 491 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ output_frame

AVFrame* HEVCContext::output_frame

Definition at line 492 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ sao_pixel_buffer_h

uint8_t* HEVCContext::sao_pixel_buffer_h[3]

Definition at line 493 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ sao_pixel_buffer_v

uint8_t* HEVCContext::sao_pixel_buffer_v[3]

Definition at line 494 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ ps

HEVCParamSets HEVCContext::ps

Definition at line 496 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ sei

HEVCSEI HEVCContext::sei

Definition at line 497 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ md5_ctx

struct AVMD5* HEVCContext::md5_ctx

Definition at line 498 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ tab_mvf_pool

AVBufferPool* HEVCContext::tab_mvf_pool

Definition at line 500 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ rpl_tab_pool

AVBufferPool* HEVCContext::rpl_tab_pool

candidate references for the current frame

Definition at line 501 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ rps

RefPicList HEVCContext::rps[5]

Definition at line 504 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ sh

SliceHeader HEVCContext::sh

Definition at line 506 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ sao

SAOParams* HEVCContext::sao

Definition at line 507 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ deblock

DBParams* HEVCContext::deblock

Definition at line 508 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ nal_unit_type

enum HEVCNALUnitType HEVCContext::nal_unit_type

Definition at line 509 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ temporal_id

int HEVCContext::temporal_id

temporal_id_plus1 - 1

Definition at line 510 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ ref

HEVCFrame* HEVCContext::ref

Definition at line 511 of file hevcdec.h.


HEVCFrame HEVCContext::DPB[32]

Definition at line 512 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ poc

int HEVCContext::poc

Definition at line 513 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ pocTid0

int HEVCContext::pocTid0

Definition at line 514 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ slice_idx

int HEVCContext::slice_idx

number of the slice being currently decoded

Definition at line 515 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ eos

int HEVCContext::eos

current packet contains an EOS/EOB NAL

Definition at line 516 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ last_eos

int HEVCContext::last_eos

last packet contains an EOS/EOB NAL

Definition at line 517 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ max_ra

int HEVCContext::max_ra

Definition at line 518 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ bs_width

int HEVCContext::bs_width

Definition at line 519 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ bs_height

int HEVCContext::bs_height

Definition at line 520 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ overlap

int HEVCContext::overlap

Definition at line 521 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ is_decoded

int HEVCContext::is_decoded

Definition at line 523 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ no_rasl_output_flag

int HEVCContext::no_rasl_output_flag

Definition at line 524 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ hpc

HEVCPredContext HEVCContext::hpc

Definition at line 526 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ hevcdsp

HEVCDSPContext HEVCContext::hevcdsp

Definition at line 527 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ vdsp

VideoDSPContext HEVCContext::vdsp

Definition at line 528 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ bdsp

BswapDSPContext HEVCContext::bdsp

Definition at line 529 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ h274db

H274FilmGrainDatabase HEVCContext::h274db

Definition at line 530 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ qp_y_tab

int8_t* HEVCContext::qp_y_tab

Definition at line 531 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ horizontal_bs

uint8_t* HEVCContext::horizontal_bs

Definition at line 532 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ vertical_bs

uint8_t* HEVCContext::vertical_bs

Definition at line 533 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ tab_slice_address

int32_t* HEVCContext::tab_slice_address

Definition at line 535 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ skip_flag

uint8_t* HEVCContext::skip_flag

Definition at line 538 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ tab_ct_depth

uint8_t* HEVCContext::tab_ct_depth

Definition at line 539 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ tab_ipm

uint8_t* HEVCContext::tab_ipm

Definition at line 541 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ cbf_luma

uint8_t* HEVCContext::cbf_luma

Definition at line 543 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ is_pcm

uint8_t* HEVCContext::is_pcm

Definition at line 544 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ filter_slice_edges

uint8_t* HEVCContext::filter_slice_edges

Definition at line 547 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ checksum_buf

uint8_t* HEVCContext::checksum_buf

used on BE to byteswap the lines for checksumming

Definition at line 550 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ checksum_buf_size

int HEVCContext::checksum_buf_size

Definition at line 551 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ seq_decode

uint16_t HEVCContext::seq_decode

Sequence counters for decoded and output frames, so that old frames are output first after a POC reset.

Definition at line 557 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ seq_output

uint16_t HEVCContext::seq_output

Definition at line 558 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ enable_parallel_tiles

int HEVCContext::enable_parallel_tiles

Definition at line 560 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ wpp_err

atomic_int HEVCContext::wpp_err

Definition at line 561 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ data

const uint8_t* HEVCContext::data

Definition at line 563 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ pkt

H2645Packet HEVCContext::pkt

Definition at line 565 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ first_nal_type

enum HEVCNALUnitType HEVCContext::first_nal_type

Definition at line 567 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ context_initialized

uint8_t HEVCContext::context_initialized

Definition at line 569 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ is_nalff

int HEVCContext::is_nalff

this flag is != 0 if bitstream is encapsulated as a format defined in 14496-15

Definition at line 570 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ apply_defdispwin

int HEVCContext::apply_defdispwin

Definition at line 572 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ nal_length_size

int HEVCContext::nal_length_size

Number of bytes used for nal length (1, 2 or 4)

Definition at line 574 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ nuh_layer_id

int HEVCContext::nuh_layer_id

Definition at line 575 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ rpu_buf

AVBufferRef* HEVCContext::rpu_buf

0 or 1 Dolby Vision RPUs.

Definition at line 577 of file hevcdec.h.

◆ dovi_ctx

DOVIContext HEVCContext::dovi_ctx

Dolby Vision decoding context.

Definition at line 578 of file hevcdec.h.

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