Data Fields
HEVCSEI Struct Reference

#include <hevc_sei.h>

Data Fields

HEVCSEIPictureHash picture_hash
HEVCSEIFramePacking frame_packing
HEVCSEIDisplayOrientation display_orientation
HEVCSEIPictureTiming picture_timing
HEVCSEIA53Caption a53_caption
HEVCSEIUnregistered unregistered
HEVCSEIMasteringDisplay mastering_display
HEVCSEIDynamicHDRPlus dynamic_hdr_plus
HEVCSEIContentLight content_light
int active_seq_parameter_set_id
HEVCSEIAlternativeTransfer alternative_transfer
HEVCSEITimeCode timecode
HEVCSEIFilmGrainCharacteristics film_grain_characteristics

Detailed Description

Definition at line 133 of file hevc_sei.h.

Field Documentation

◆ picture_hash

HEVCSEIPictureHash HEVCSEI::picture_hash

Definition at line 134 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ frame_packing

HEVCSEIFramePacking HEVCSEI::frame_packing

Definition at line 135 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ display_orientation

HEVCSEIDisplayOrientation HEVCSEI::display_orientation

Definition at line 136 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ picture_timing

HEVCSEIPictureTiming HEVCSEI::picture_timing

Definition at line 137 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ a53_caption

HEVCSEIA53Caption HEVCSEI::a53_caption

Definition at line 138 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ unregistered

HEVCSEIUnregistered HEVCSEI::unregistered

Definition at line 139 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ mastering_display

HEVCSEIMasteringDisplay HEVCSEI::mastering_display

Definition at line 140 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ dynamic_hdr_plus

HEVCSEIDynamicHDRPlus HEVCSEI::dynamic_hdr_plus

Definition at line 141 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ content_light

HEVCSEIContentLight HEVCSEI::content_light

Definition at line 142 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ active_seq_parameter_set_id

int HEVCSEI::active_seq_parameter_set_id

Definition at line 143 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ alternative_transfer

HEVCSEIAlternativeTransfer HEVCSEI::alternative_transfer

Definition at line 144 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ timecode

HEVCSEITimeCode HEVCSEI::timecode

Definition at line 145 of file hevc_sei.h.

◆ film_grain_characteristics

HEVCSEIFilmGrainCharacteristics HEVCSEI::film_grain_characteristics

Definition at line 146 of file hevc_sei.h.

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