Data Fields
rendition_info Struct Reference

Data Fields

char type [16]
char uri [MAX_URL_SIZE]
char group_id [MAX_FIELD_LEN]
char language [MAX_FIELD_LEN]
char assoc_language [MAX_FIELD_LEN]
char name [MAX_FIELD_LEN]
char defaultr [4]
char forced [4]
char characteristics [MAX_CHARACTERISTICS_LEN]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 463 of file hls.c.

Field Documentation

◆ type

char rendition_info::type[16]

Definition at line 464 of file hls.c.

◆ uri

char rendition_info::uri[MAX_URL_SIZE]

Definition at line 465 of file hls.c.

◆ group_id

char rendition_info::group_id[MAX_FIELD_LEN]

Definition at line 466 of file hls.c.

◆ language

char rendition_info::language[MAX_FIELD_LEN]

Definition at line 467 of file hls.c.

◆ assoc_language

char rendition_info::assoc_language[MAX_FIELD_LEN]

Definition at line 468 of file hls.c.

◆ name

char rendition_info::name[MAX_FIELD_LEN]

Definition at line 469 of file hls.c.

Referenced by convert_from_tensorflow.Operand::__str__().

◆ defaultr

char rendition_info::defaultr[4]

Definition at line 470 of file hls.c.

◆ forced

char rendition_info::forced[4]

Definition at line 471 of file hls.c.

◆ characteristics

char rendition_info::characteristics[MAX_CHARACTERISTICS_LEN]

Definition at line 472 of file hls.c.

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