Data Fields
IMFContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
const char * base_url
char * asset_map_paths
IMFAssetLocatorMap asset_locator_map
uint32_t track_count
IMFVirtualTrackPlaybackCtx ** tracks

Detailed Description

Definition at line 118 of file imfdec.c.

Field Documentation

◆ class

const AVClass* IMFContext::class

Definition at line 119 of file imfdec.c.

◆ base_url

const char* IMFContext::base_url

Definition at line 120 of file imfdec.c.

◆ asset_map_paths

char* IMFContext::asset_map_paths

Definition at line 121 of file imfdec.c.

◆ interrupt_callback

AVIOInterruptCB* IMFContext::interrupt_callback

Definition at line 122 of file imfdec.c.

◆ avio_opts

AVDictionary* IMFContext::avio_opts

Definition at line 123 of file imfdec.c.

◆ cpl

FFIMFCPL* IMFContext::cpl

Definition at line 124 of file imfdec.c.

◆ asset_locator_map

IMFAssetLocatorMap IMFContext::asset_locator_map

Definition at line 125 of file imfdec.c.

◆ track_count

uint32_t IMFContext::track_count

Definition at line 126 of file imfdec.c.

◆ tracks

IMFVirtualTrackPlaybackCtx** IMFContext::tracks

Definition at line 127 of file imfdec.c.

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