Data Fields
TiffEncoderContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

 for private options More...
int width
 picture width More...
int height
 picture height More...
unsigned int bpp
 bits per pixel More...
int compr
 compression level More...
int bpp_tab_size
 bpp_tab size More...
enum TiffPhotometric photometric_interpretation
 photometric interpretation More...
int strips
 number of strips More...
uint32_t * strip_sizes
unsigned int strip_sizes_size
uint32_t * strip_offsets
unsigned int strip_offsets_size
uint8_t * yuv_line
unsigned int yuv_line_size
int rps
 row per strip More...
uint8_t entries [TIFF_MAX_ENTRY *12]
 entries in header More...
int num_entries
 number of entries More...
uint8_t ** buf
 actual position in buffer More...
uint8_t * buf_start
 pointer to first byte in buffer More...
int buf_size
 buffer size More...
uint16_t subsampling [2]
 YUV subsampling factors. More...
struct LZWEncodeStatelzws
 LZW encode state. More...
uint32_t dpi
 image resolution in DPI More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file tiffenc.c.

Field Documentation

◆ class

AVClass* TiffEncoderContext::class

for private options

Definition at line 55 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ avctx

AVCodecContext* TiffEncoderContext::avctx

Definition at line 56 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ width

int TiffEncoderContext::width

picture width

Definition at line 58 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ height

int TiffEncoderContext::height

picture height

Definition at line 59 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ bpp

unsigned int TiffEncoderContext::bpp

bits per pixel

Definition at line 60 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ compr

int TiffEncoderContext::compr

compression level

Definition at line 61 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ bpp_tab_size

int TiffEncoderContext::bpp_tab_size

bpp_tab size

Definition at line 62 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ photometric_interpretation

enum TiffPhotometric TiffEncoderContext::photometric_interpretation

photometric interpretation

Definition at line 63 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ strips

int TiffEncoderContext::strips

number of strips

Definition at line 64 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ strip_sizes

uint32_t* TiffEncoderContext::strip_sizes

Definition at line 65 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ strip_sizes_size

unsigned int TiffEncoderContext::strip_sizes_size

Definition at line 66 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ strip_offsets

uint32_t* TiffEncoderContext::strip_offsets

Definition at line 67 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ strip_offsets_size

unsigned int TiffEncoderContext::strip_offsets_size

Definition at line 68 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ yuv_line

uint8_t* TiffEncoderContext::yuv_line

Definition at line 69 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ yuv_line_size

unsigned int TiffEncoderContext::yuv_line_size

Definition at line 70 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ rps

int TiffEncoderContext::rps

row per strip

Definition at line 71 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ entries

uint8_t TiffEncoderContext::entries[TIFF_MAX_ENTRY *12]

entries in header

Definition at line 72 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ num_entries

int TiffEncoderContext::num_entries

number of entries

Definition at line 73 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ buf

uint8_t** TiffEncoderContext::buf

actual position in buffer

Definition at line 74 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ buf_start

uint8_t* TiffEncoderContext::buf_start

pointer to first byte in buffer

Definition at line 75 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ buf_size

int TiffEncoderContext::buf_size

buffer size

Definition at line 76 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ subsampling

uint16_t TiffEncoderContext::subsampling[2]

YUV subsampling factors.

Definition at line 77 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ lzws

struct LZWEncodeState* TiffEncoderContext::lzws

LZW encode state.

Definition at line 78 of file tiffenc.c.

◆ dpi

uint32_t TiffEncoderContext::dpi

image resolution in DPI

Definition at line 79 of file tiffenc.c.

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