[FFmpeg-user] ffserver feed ffmpeg processes failing to restart

Hereward Cooper coops at fawk.eu
Thu Aug 20 08:47:06 CEST 2015


I've a ffserver setup which has input feeds being supplied from via a
"Launch" argument, invoking ffmpeg.

  <Feed radio6.ffm>
      File /tmp/radio6.ffm
      FileMaxSize 1G
      Launch ./ffmpeg -f lavfi -i nullsrc -i
http://bbcmedia.ic.llnwd.net/stream/bbcmedia_6music_m [...]
      ACL allow localhost

There's 3 of these feeds currently, but every now and then one of them will
stop. ffserver's output will look like this:

  Tue Aug 18 23:57:31 2015 - - [POST] "/radio6.ffm HTTP/1.1" 200
  radio6.ffm: Pid 19255 exited with status 0 after 22799 seconds
  Tue Aug 18 23:57:31 2015 Launch command line: ./ffmpeg -f lavfi -i
nullsrc -i http://bbcmedia.ic.llnwd.net/stream/bbcmedia_6music_mf_p
  radio6.ffm: Pid 19789 exited with status 256 after 0 seconds

So for some reason ffmpeg is exiting cleanly after running for a long time,
being restarted, and then failing immediately.

What does exit code 256 mean in ffmpeg? And is there a way to make it retry
the restart again?

At this point I'm considering removing the "Launch" argument, and putting
the ffmpeg process under the watch of something like monit.



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