[FFmpeg-user] overlay with video offset not starting audio with same offset

Chad Horton chorton at hotsalsainteractive.com
Sat Aug 29 01:03:10 CEST 2015

Hi.  Thank you.  I¹m having a difficult time determining where exactly I¹m
supposed to add the adelay=20000.  I¹ve tried adding it in various places,
each throwing errors.

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>Dana 28. 8. 2015. 23:15 osoba "Chad Horton"
><chorton at hotsalsainteractive.com>
>napisala je:
>> I have a video with audio (overlayvideo.mov) that I'm overlaying over
>another video (basefilem.mp4) and I'm starting the overlay at 20 seconds.
>The output (finalvideo.mp4) looks great, but the audio from the overlay is
>still starting at 00:00:00.000 instead of when I need it to start, which
>00:00:20.000 (which I set with itoffset).
>> I understand that itoffset only deals with video.  So, how do I go about
>specifying in my command below to start the audio in the overlay at the
>same time as itoffset?
>Try adelay filter.
>> ffmpeg -y -i basefilem.mp4 -itoffset 00:00:20.000 -i overlayvide.mov -
>-map [outv] -map [outa] -c:v mpeg4 -strict experimental -ascale:v 10
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