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2017-02-27 23:34 GMT+01:00 Jorge Reyero <jorgereyero at gmail.com>:

> I have a video collection (place in the server filesystem) which is growing
> every minute. I want to simulate a live stream from this video collection
> and if the stream reaches the end of the videos it should start form the
> first one again.
> I know how to repeat a single video and how to play videos from static
> video collection but I have no idea how do it with this dynamic collection.

You will need a shell script, FFmpeg does not read directories.

Carl Eugen

if you want a example of a script , this might help
loops through a dir of mov and makes mp4


SrcDir=/path to ehere your mov are
dest=/path to where you want your mp4 to go

cd $SrcDir

for f in *.mov ; do

ffmpeg -i $SrcDir/$f < your command goods here > $dest/${f%.*}.mp4


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