[FFmpeg-user] Rip DVD with ffmpeg

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Feb 22 15:43:35 EET 2018

Adi Marvillo (2018-02-22):
> Thanks Steve and ZikZak. I've dumped the DVD with mencoder onto the HDD
> but the chapters are still lost. I thought the chapter marks are stored
> in Stream #0:0 below but they are not as VLC nor ffprobe don't show them...
> I wanted to process the vob-file with ffmpeg afterwards ;)
> FYI: I didn't encode anything in this dumping-step in order not to loose
> quality.

> I don't understand where the chapter information is stored in the DVDs.
> Anybody knows?

On DVDs, the chapter information, like all the rest of the metadata
(language of the streams, palette of the subtitles, etc.), is stored in
the IFO files. MPlayer can read them when reading the DVD directly
through libdvdread/libdvdcss. FFmpeg, on the other hand, does not know
how to read DVDs directly, and the information is not present in the VOB

Also, concatenating the VOB files like you did will not work correctly,
due to timestamps resets and menu data interleaved with the actual video
data. You can use the "dvd2concat" script distributed along with FFmpeg
to generate a concat script that only takes the relevant part of the VOB
files and controls the timestamp resets. It does not handle chapters,
but that could be added with a little effort.

> Am 2018-02-21 um 17:27 schrieb Steve Boyer:

Please remember that top-posting is forbidden on this list. If you do
not know what it means, look it up.


  Nicolas George
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