[FFmpeg-user] (no subject)

Michael Castellon castellonmichael at gmail.com
Sat Aug 24 01:11:03 EEST 2019

FFmpeg users, please you help.

ffplay -devices

 D. = Demuxing supported
 .E = Muxing supported
 DE alsa            ALSA audio output
 DE fbdev           Linux framebuffer
 D  lavfi           Libavfilter virtual input device
 DE oss             OSS (Open Sound System) playback
  E sdl,sdl2        SDL2 output device
 DE sndio           sndio audio playback
 DE video4linux2,v4l2 Video4Linux2 output device
 D  x11grab         X11 screen capture, using XCB
  E xv              XV (XVideo) output device

But how do I know that output I am using?
For example, I am needing to force output
audio: sndio
video: xv


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