[FFmpeg-user] Grid of videos starting at different times

Randy Johnson randy.johnson at hey.com
Tue Aug 11 18:10:57 EEST 2020


I have several videos that were recorded in a webinar type setting.

Each person in the webinar was recorded with their own feed.

I then receive a zip file with each video recording and a JSON file with a start / stop time offset.


Video 1:

 "filename" : "823ef68a-cb1c-4636-bdfb-ed3d9611a755.webm",
"size" : 4766189,
 "startTimeOffset" : 17599,
"stopTimeOffset" : 72696,

Video 2:

"filename" : "a920ab58-a42d-49fe-a239-b27497b22bb1.webm",
 "size" : 6378071,
 "startTimeOffset" : 1439,
 "stopTimeOffset" : 74655,

I could have anywhere from 2 to 10 videos per job.

For faster processing I convert the videos to Mp4

I have had some luck in merging the videos into 1 using hstack but I cannot seem to figure out how to get them merged into 1 video with the different time offsets.

Here is what I have so far which gets me close but doesn't take into account the different offsets so everyone is talking over each other and out of order etc.

ffmpeg -i /Users/randy/Downloads/archive23/a920ab58-a42d-49fe-a239-b27497b22bb1.mp4 -i /Users/randy/Downloads/archive23/823ef68a-cb1c-4636-bdfb-ed3d9611a755.mp4 -filter_complex \
"[0:v][1:v]hstack=inputs=2[v]; \
 [0:a][1:a]amerge[a]" \
-map "[v]" -map "[a]" -ac 2 -y /Users/randy/Downloads/archive23/output.mp4

Another tricky thing is that if the conference was 1 hour long, someone could show up 15 minutes late or leave 15 minutes early.

I thought 
ffmpeg -itsoffset n
could be of help but https://stackoverflow.com/questions/55492772/stacking-different-length-videos-not-working-with-ffmpeg-and-itsoffset this post says that hstack doesn't sync with timestamps.

They do give an example in the stack overflow post:
ffmpeg \
-i smaller.mp4 \
-i bigger.mp4 \
-filter_complex \
 [0]adelay=17s|17s[lefta];[lefta][1]amix=2" \
-c:v libx264 -crf 23 out.mp4

Any ideas on the best way for me to proceed?



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