[FFmpeg-user] "documented implicitly" part 2 [was: Re: Problem while converting DNG sequnece to video file]

Phil Rhodes phil_rhodes at rocketmail.com
Fri Aug 21 03:13:54 EEST 2020

This is not a new issue and I'm really rather tired of hearing it discussed.
The open source software movement is notorious for creating an absolutely horrible user experience and one of the reasons that happens is because of poor or effectively nonexistent manuals.
Most of the people involved seem to view the involvement of non-software-engineers as inappropriate, even though that massively reduces the value of the work they're doing.
It's not that hard to solve. Speaking as someone who makes a reasonable amount of money out of technical writing, documenting software is the next best thing to busywork. It does not require a knowledge of software engineering. It may require consultation with software engineers.

The ffmpeg project will find a way to reject any offer of help with documentation; it has been repeatedly offered and turned down (for no good reason.)
At some point you're not really negotiating with a human being, you're just being told off by someone's ego.
We can't force them.

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