[FFmpeg-user] Hoping to make multiple input seeking outputs based on a text file (inspired by concat)

James Sundquist sundquistjames at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 19:35:12 EEST 2020

Inspired by concat command for combining a series of clips from a text file.


I'd like to make a series of input seeking based outputs from the same
source video.  Ideally each will be taken from a text file called
edits.txt.  Otherwise every single new output means defining:

Start point + Duration (or End Point) + name of new clip

ffmpeg -ss [Start] -i original.mp4 -t [Duration] exercise-1.mp4


My source video is a Zoom call that recurs weekly for a class.  Each of
these videos has particular sections of interest, much like viewing time
stamps on a Youtube video.

00:22 - 00:44 -- Introductions
00:57 - 01:23 -- 1st Exercise
02:26 - 02:27 -- 2nd Exercise

If I could just write this ^^ information into a text file, it would make
it much easier to edit and organize these videos based on my notes from
class.  Suggestions appreciated!  Thanks for the earlier links.  Not sure
if some basic scripting in Linux would help this process along.

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