[FFmpeg-user] yadif mode 1 duplicates first two frames and hence causes lip-sync error

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Mon May 11 21:35:28 EEST 2020

Am Mo., 11. Mai 2020 um 19:04 Uhr schrieb Bruce Roberts <roberb04 at gmail.com>:

> Thanks for getting back to me. I have tested with "ffmpeg version
> 96de7bf8df Copyright (c) 2000-2017 the FFmpeg developers" which, if not the
> latest version, is only a month or two old and the result is exactly the
> same. Do you think this issue has been resolved since then?

I think that I forgot to tell you a few things earlier:
Please find out what top-posting means and avoid it here.

If you want to use mcdeint, do not combine it with "-r", the
combination makes no sense and therefore will get very
little support.

In any case, try to simplify your command line before asking
for help, please remove "concat=n=1", it makes no sense either.
This includes the removal of the forced (original) resolution
and aspect ratio.

Once you reproduced with current FFmpeg and a simplified
command line, please post the command line including
complete, uncut console output again.

Carl Eugen

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