[FFmpeg-user] -pix_fmt + pixel format conversions

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Jul 29 11:10:07 EEST 2021

Green Koopa (12021-07-29):
> My input file is yuvj420p(pc, bt709). My target output is
> yuv420p(tv, bt709). I would like to use "-pix_fmt +yuv420p"
> to specify the output format, and to force me to be explicit
> in my conversions in the filtergraph. How do I achieve
> explicit conversions? The format filter appears to trigger
> implicit conversions.

The format filter does not do the conversions, it only forces the format
at a certain point in the filter graph.

The standard filter for converting between pixel formats is scale. In
certain cases, I hear zscale can be more suited, but I never looked at
the specifics.


  Nicolas George
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