[FFmpeg-user] h264_v4l2m2m not working properly

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Mon Jun 13 10:37:42 EEST 2022

> Console output for hardware and software encoding.
> https://0x0.st/ouiE.txt
> Software encoding finished encoding successfully. Playback was also
> possible.
> But I want to do hardware encoding because software encoding only gives me
> about 0.5x.
> Is there anything I can find out from this log?

I can't see what the problem could be.  It looks like it encounters
corrupted video in the input stream then ends the encoding operation
early.  Do you have a longer input file, with no errors, that you can
test with?  Just to see whether hardware encoding works if there are no
errors in the input stream.

What does the output file from the hardware encode look like?  Is it
zero bytes, does it contain some data but it's not playable, etc?

From the log output it looks like the hardware encode should've worked
and produced a playable output file.


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