[FFmpeg-user] Question about ffmpeg and Unity

井澤拓海 kd1236470 at st.kobedenshi.ac.jp
Wed Jun 15 12:24:54 EEST 2022

Nice to meet you. I am a programmer in Japan.
Please understand that this sentence is written using DeepL translation, so
it may be written in strange English.

I am currently trying to call ffmpeg from Unity to record a screen at work.
The "q" is supposed to be entered at the end of the recording, but the
recording is interrupted between 5 minutes 20 seconds and 5 minutes 28
The screen recording and audio recording are done separately, and the
recording options are as follows

"-framerate 30 -y -f avfoundation -i 0:none -vsync 0 -preset ultrafast -crf
0 -c:v libx264 video.mp4"

I tried reducing the frame rate and changing the crf value with the same

If you know the cause of this problem, I would appreciate it if you could
let me know.

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