[Libav-user] Theora stream to AVI

Stefano Sabatini stefano.sabatini-lala at poste.it
Wed Aug 10 16:45:58 CEST 2011

On date Wednesday 2011-08-10 16:10:55 +0200, Stefano Luceri encoded:
> Hi,
> I’m new to ffmpeg. I’m writing a code for converting a theora stream into an
> AVI file. I’ve converted theora packets into jpeg images and I’ve seen that
> using ffmpeg command line it’s possible to create an AVI file from these.
> I’m reading libav docs but I can find a proper starting point to do this in
> my code.
> Any suggestion is appreciated.

Check doc/examples/muxing.c, ffmpeg.c and the libavformat doxy docs,
not necessarily in this order ;-), let us know if something is not
clear (or even better, provide patches for fixing it).

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