[Libav-user] Creating a standard MP4 file using exisiting H264 Elementary stream

Shachar Arieli shachara at visionsense.com
Thu Nov 24 11:22:51 CET 2011


I have an application which is required to create a video file (only video no audio) which is readable by the Microsoft media player (latest version). 
The video data is pre encoded (received from a hardware encoder) H264 Elementary stream. 
Currently I have a version that is able to create an AVI wrapper around that stream and save it to file. The file is readable by media player.
When I change the format passed into av_guess_format function from "avi" to "mp4" the file is still created but now it is only readable by VLC and is no longer playable using media player.

Can anyone advice why is the MP4 file created is no longer compatible with the windows media player?


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