[Libav-user] Using LibX264 with ffmpeg libraries

Noah Arc noahzarc at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Jul 11 20:22:16 CEST 2012

Hi all;
I've just switched to the newer ffmpeg versions (I always used ffmpeg 0.6), it is a big jump for me and I'm trying to figure out how to implement some of the changes.
In the past, libx264 variables such as crf was a part of AVCodecContext. However, looks like in version 0.11 it has been deprecated and was moved to libx264.c as a private variable. But for my project, I'm used to just assign a value to crf (of a ptr of type AVCodecContext). Could someone please give me a hint on how I could implement the API changes?
Thank you very much!Cheers 		 	   		  
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