[Libav-user] Dramaticaly increased latency of avcodec_encode_video with x264 switching from avcodec-52.dll to avcodec-53.dll

Alexandre Millette amillett at matrox.com
Wed Jul 18 14:42:46 CEST 2012


> switching from avcodec-52.dll to avcodec-53.dll

It probably won't solve the issue, but maybe you could try using 
avcodec-54.dll since it's the latest release? Or is there a reason why 
you need the older one?

> It outputs any data after like more than 100
> frames fed. And before that it was only 1 frame.

The same video that could be played with 1 frame latency now has a 100+ 
frames latency?
Have you tried other h264 files? Other formats?
If it's specific to a file or to a set of files coming form the same 
encoder, maybe it's because of a header value that isn't standard: I 
would then recommend checking the patch notes between the 2 releases to 
know what could have changed.

Also, are all the frames returned, simply really late? I'm wondering if 
you're maybe missing a lot of frames and it isn't a latency issue at all.

Hope it helps a bit,
Alex M

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