[Libav-user] Trying to create a DVDSUB (.sub) according to Specification

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Mon Jul 30 23:57:45 CEST 2012

Le tridi 13 thermidor, an CCXX, Wagner Patriota a écrit :
> I got the mistake, my mistake... the device I am going to play the movie is
> actually a OTT device. It's not a DVD as I said before. So, it uses the
> DVBSUB as codec. anyways... the CODEC MUST BE DVBSUB...

Ok. According to the spec, the very one you pointed earlier, these ones can
be 8-bits. At a quick glance in the source, lavc will automatically select
depth 8 if the number of colors is more than 16.

There are issues though. For one, encoding of dvbsub from ffmpeg
command-line tool has currently problems due to timings. For two, there are
not many formats that can contain dvbsub; you are more or less forced to go
with MPEG-TS.

> The same file that you cited ".sub" (and idx, although I don't use)...
> where could I find a documentation? is it the same as the VOBSUB?

Yes, it is VOBSUB. Basically, it is DVD subtitles packet muxed in a kind of
stripped-down MPEG-PS, plus a text file for the timings and informations
that do not fit in the stream, such as palette.


  Nicolas George
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