[Libav-user] [newbie] how to extract current timestamp of h264 avi file

aa aaaa faliakis at yahoo.gr
Sun Jul 29 09:46:31 CEST 2012

Hello everyone, I am newbie to ffmpeg and I am trying to use it in project I am working on.

I am using OpenCv but the standar functions give wrong results so I decided to try with ffmpeg.

So I would like someone to help me out with the steps I need to do in order to get the timestamp of a frame in a h264 avi file.

for example , I would appreciate advice on how to do it.

Which libraries must I use, and which steps or procedure must I do. 

Steps I mean something lik

1.load the video
2.parse video frame by frame
3.use command to get the timestamp.

Any piece of code would be great to help me understand better.

So thank everyone in advance for every info they can give me to solve my problem.
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