[Libav-user] Decoding H264 Frames From RTSP Stream

Constantin Savtchenko constantins at neyasystems.com
Fri Jun 1 18:50:50 CEST 2012

Hey All,

  I am very new to H264 and ffmpeg, so please excuse my lack of experience.


  I am implementing a quick client to connect to and RTSP stream and decode
h264 video.  I am managing the RTSP connection using Live555, and using
ffmpeg to decode the h264 frames.


  My client successfully deals with h263 using ffmpeg.  With h264, I had to
add a few modifications to get some type of decoding.  For instance, I had
to add 0x00000001 to the beginning of each frame returned by Live555.
However, I am still getting a variety of warnings and errors from the h264

                - "illegal short term buffer state detected."

                - "mmco unref short failure"

                - "concealing ## AC, ## MV, ## errors"


  I'm having a hard time determining where/what I need to be looking at to
deal with these errors or warnings.  Preliminary google searches on the
error messages and the mailing list (using google) have turned up no
direction.  Could someone direct me to some documentation/source code that
would shed light on the causes of these errors so I may work through them?
Thank you.


Constantin Savtchenko


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