[Libav-user] Writing and reading a movie at the same time?

Bruce Wheaton bruce at spearmorgan.com
Wed Mar 28 19:18:45 CEST 2012

Are any of the movie container types supported by ffmpeg set up to allow reading and writing at the same time? I will be feeding in frames I have decoded elsewhere, and would like to view them and save them to a file at the same time.

Obviously I could split the frames, and view them and save them to a new movie I'm making on another thread, but I'd like all playback features (seeking) to be available within the movie as far as the frames have been written.

The frames will definitely all be intra-frames - I specify the codec, and I have full container choice too, although something Quicktime Player on Mac/PC can read would be a bonus. Also, the movie being valid at any time, so an interrupted transfer doesn't cause lost data (or minimal lost data).

Any ideas?



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