[Libav-user] Efficient way of sampling compressed audio

Peter Staab pixstamp at gmx.net
Sun Oct 28 16:44:40 CET 2012


Thanks for pointing out these two filters. But both filters require
frames as input and actually my problem is not to create the graph but
to get these frames. The frames should not be read from begin to end
(this is what I am currently doing) because the whole audio file has to
be decoded. Instead, I am looking for a way to "sample" the decoded file
with an interval x.


On 28.10.2012 13:34, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> Peter Staab <PixStaMP at ...> writes:
>> I am interested in using libav to create a 
>> graphical representation of audio data
> Did you test the showspectrum and showwaves filters?
> Carl Eugen
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