[Libav-user] configure script fails for cross-compiling

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Feb 5 18:00:26 CET 2013

Vikas Sawant <vsawant at ...> writes:

> added a few more and it worked. I do make and that compiles 
> the libraries. Stripping failed, so I disabled it and I 

(is this expected? or is the wrong stripping command called? 
How does it "fail"?)

> wanted to avoid assemblt code, so I disabled that too.

(Depending on what you plan:)
That sounds like an exceptional bad idea.

> Here’s the exact command that worked:
> ./configure --disable-runtime-cpudetect --enable-cross-compile 
> --cc=arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc --arch=armv5te --disable-vfp 
> --disable-armv6 --disable-armv6t2 --disable-neon --target-os=linux 
> --enable-small --disable-debug --disable-asm --disable-yasm 
> --disable-stripping --disable-everything

Do you know what --disable-everything does?
If not, please remove it.

(And please remove "--disable-yasm", if it is needed, it would 
be a bug, please report it.)

> The next challenge for me is to make mplayer build 
> accept the ffmpeg libraries I just built instead of 
> building on its own.

This is not a good approach.

Instead, please report your build problems with MPlayer 
on mplayer-users so we at least know about them.
(And there is a chance they get fixed.)

Please do not top-post here, it is considered rude.

Carl Eugen

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