[Libav-user] avpicture_alloc returns error -12 at frame 308

jim morgenstern jmorgie at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 16:43:23 CET 2013

Application using ffmpeg to read and write QT files.  C++, Win 7.


First 300+ calls to avpicture_alloc succeed; then the next one returns error
despite valid parameters in function call:


             AVPicture* reformatFrame = new AVPicture;

              ap = avpicture_alloc( reformatFrame, iPxfmt, nss, nlines);


in same module, after processing reformatFrame it gets released:


                    delete reformatFrame;



When it fails, the return code, ap, is -12


Smells like a memory leak, though.  I run vld [visual lead detector] and it
does not report any memory leaks.


Any ideas where to look?  What would -12 mean ??




Jim Morgenstern

Image Mining LLC



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