[Libav-user] Ordinal 139 could not be located in swscale-2.dll

Jan Ehrhardt phpdev at ehrhardt.nl
Sun Feb 17 01:02:18 CET 2013

jim morgenstern in gmane.comp.video.ffmpeg.libav.user (Sat, 16 Feb 2013
16:50:59 -0500):
>Running Win 7, VS2010; just upgraded ffmpeg library to ffmpeg-1.1.1 win 32
>dev for libraries and win32-shared for dlls.
>Ran my program under debug mode and it runs fine.  Changed to Release mode,
>recompiled all and tried to run.  Immediately I get the error message
>Ordinal 139 could not be located in swscale-2.dll
>Using same dlls [well, I copied them over from Debug folder to Release
>folder.  Twice] as when I ran in Debug mode.

Did you recompile with shared libraries? Then you should use the newly
created dll's and not those from the debug release.


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