[Libav-user] MPEG-TS Container with 1 Elementary Stream

Danny Chami danchami at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 18 07:11:25 CET 2013

I am trying to pack a single audio (AAC) elementary stream into an MPEG-TS stream over UDP. I used the muxing.c example (http://ffmpeg.org/doxygen/1.0/muxing_8c-source.html) as a starting point, and I have managed to get H264 and AAC ES streams packed into an MPEGTS and transported over UDP and picked up by VLC / FFMPEG on the other end without any issues.

However, when I tried to pack only 1 single Audio stream (AAC) with no Video, I am struggling to make it to work. Done some research and I saw that I still need to add the video stream to the output context (even if I don't write any video frames) and that I need to change av_interleaved_write_frame to av_write_frame so audio frames are not waiting for video frame
timestamps.. still no luck.
Does anyone have sample code that can help me get started with MPEGTS with only 1 audio ES?


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