[Libav-user] Output to stdout

Vitsas Nikolaos p3070011 at dias.aueb.gr
Wed Jan 30 14:50:47 CET 2013

libav-user at ffmpeg.org


I have an mp4 input file and I want to be able to play it' s video 
stream(h264) in real time through ffplay. It all works well when  I 
try outputting the video to a file(file plays great with ffplay, no 
errors) but I really cannot find how to pipe the output into ffplay. I 
think what I am looking for is the correct filename for 
av_guess_format. I' m using Windows and the latest FFmpeg build. I 
know /dev/stdout won' t work. I read somewhere that "-" means stdout 
but this did not help(I just got a file named "-"). I have also tried 
specifying "con" but it turns out that' s for console output... Any 

Thank you.

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