[Libav-user] simple format trouble using avc ?

Andy Shaules bowljoman at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 8 21:37:32 CEST 2013

Hello, First time poster, long wrapper user.

Ive used various avcodec wrappers and this is the first time Im using it 

Im facing a rendering issue that I am assuming is just a rookie move.

Pretty easy set up I have here. Let me describe a little context.

Im pushing encoder output from a host to android's MediaCodec object in 
I think 'jelly bean' api level 16. So far I have used the x264 VFW 
interface directly with IC_Open and had successful rendering. Next I 
tried using the cuda C library, and passed the raw output to the android 
consumer and also had successful rendering.

So now, Im trying  lib avcodec using zeranoe's precompiled windows 
32-bit builds, and Im not having successful rendering. If I write the 
output to disk as a .264 file and invoke ffmpeg , there seems to not be 
any issues with the content. My outputframes look  good.

My question is, what step, setting, or preparation am I missing with 
the  AVCodec? DO I need to manually encapsulate the private data ahead 
of each key frame? Is there a setting that forces the same output that 
the VFW and cuda provide, I believe is annex-b?

Is there any core issues such as endianess im over looking?

Mucho thanks in advance!


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