[Libav-user] flv/h264/rtmp live video streaming

Mike Versteeg mike at mikeversteeg.com
Sat Jun 15 11:01:05 CEST 2013

Thanks. Interesting, I must be doing something wrong then. All
documentation I have found discusses settings meant for recording
(i.e. VBR), do you know of any that discuss streaming?

Resolution should be irrelevant for static images, but so far I've
tried everything down to just 512*288.

PS: As it has taken me over a month just to get a reply, I really do
invite anyone to answer my support question. I'll gladly pay or donate
to FFMPEG if someone can save me time figuring everything out. Great
as it is, FFMPEG is not easy to understand and it severely lacks on
the documentation front.


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