[Libav-user] flv/h264/rtmp live video streaming

Kalileo kalileo at universalx.net
Sat Jun 15 12:57:51 CEST 2013

On Jun 15, 2013, at 16:01 , Mike Versteeg wrote:

> Thanks. Interesting, I must be doing something wrong then. All
> documentation I have found discusses settings meant for recording
> (i.e. VBR), do you know of any that discuss streaming?

There is not much difference if you write to a file (assuming 1 pass encoding) or if you write to a stream, especially concerning quality.

> Resolution should be irrelevant for static images, but so far I've
> tried everything down to just 512*288.

512x288 as static images should be easy to fit in bitrates < 1 Mbps in excellent quality.

Resolution can be very relevant, depending on your gop setting / how often you have key frames.

> PS: As it has taken me over a month just to get a reply, I really do
> invite anyone to answer my support question.

You make it impossible to help you as long as you keep secret what you do. That is why I asked you this:

On Jun 14, 2013, at 19:56 , Kalileo wrote:
> In order to make it possible to help you you would have to be much more specific about what you do, which settings and options you use, and what result you get, or want.

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