[Libav-user] Best File Container Format for editing Video/Audio? (2nd try)

James Board jpboard2 at yahoo.com
Thu May 15 14:50:06 CEST 2014

 Sorry if this email gets sent
 twice.  It never showed in the archive.  Yahoo
 mail sux:
  I wrote a libAV-based application which edits a video
 file.  It takes a video
  file as input, along with the Edit List.  The input video
 file is an AVI container 
  and was created by ffmpeg or mencoder during the
 inverse-telecine step.
  The Edit list contains a list of Start/Stop PTS pairs. 
 The output is simply 
  another video file based on those Start/Stop PTS pairs.
  It's fairly simple.  But, it ignores audio and I want to
 modify it to include audio.
  What can I do to make this easier to code in libAV? 
 Choose another container?
  Also, in this thread, I might be using the words 'frame'
 and 'packet' incorrectly.
  With AVI files, this seems complicated since the number of
 audio frames does not 
  always equal the number of video frames.  So, I'd have to
 split the audio packets or 
  frames into individual samples, and decide which samples
 should be in the output file.
  Is there an easier way?  Is there a container format where
 the number of audio
  packets or frames exactly equals the number of video
 packets?  If so, this could be a lot
  easier for me.  Whenever I include a video frame, I would
 only have to include
  the corresponding audio frame.  Does that make any sense?

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