[Libav-user] RTSP stream only received on port 554 via UDP

Ben Morris ben.morris at jetstonestudios.com
Tue Oct 14 15:59:06 CEST 2014



I am running an RTSP server using Live555 and receiving the stream using
ffmpeg. The exact ffmpeg version is the Zeranoe build from September 13th


Everything runs as expected on localhost but when connecting to the server
from a remote machine, the connection will fail when using UDP. The only
port that it will work on is 554, which is the default RTSP port. Any other
port will timeout. This has also been tested in ffplay where it will move
over to a TCP connection and successfully establish the connection. However,
I do not wish to use TCP for my video stream as it is a live feed. 


The necessary ports have been forwarded on my router (554-564) and UPnP is
enabled. Futhermore, when using the Live555 test RTSP clients, the
connection is established instantly when using any port, although I cannot
find out if the connection is over UDP or TCP.


Is there a known issue with only being able to use certain ports for RTSP?
The timeout is happening in avformat_open_input() where I am passing in a
pre-allocated context set up with a callback to handle the timeout and the
format information is being guessed from the url. The call is as so:


AVDictionary* opts = NULL;

if (avformat_open_input(&m_formatCtx, url, NULL, &opts) != 0)

return false;


The RTSP stream url is in the form:




Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.



Ben Morris

Jet Stone Studios


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