[Libav-user] Editing a video file

Sethuraman V techmail.sethu at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 21:50:51 CEST 2014

Hi All,

I want to read a frame from a video file, edit it and write back the frame
in replacement of the read frame. However I am finding it difficult to
accomplish this.

I can get a frame from the video file using ffmpeg provided examples and
editing the frame/image is also done separately, the problem arises when I
want to write back the image to the video file.

I went through remuxing example given in ffmpeg example, to write a new
video file all together with the edited content. The problem is that the
remuxing example is not working for different videos of same format.

While fixing the reported error for a given input video file, a different
error is thrown for another set of video files. I am using MPEG-1/2 file as
my video source.

I want to accomplish this for my academic work submitted, please provide me
with some inputs, as materials related to video editing through 'C'
interface seems really rare.

I can't understand why an 'I' frame read from a video file can't be
written/encoded back to the video file. For other frames 'P' and 'B' there
are dependencies, so writing/encoding the complete frame can't be done, but
why this applies to 'I' frame too, which is a separate frame on its own.

Please provide me some clarity on how to handle this, any help is
appreciated, Thanks!

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