[Libav-user] SMPTE 336m

Ran Shalit ranshalit at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 05:54:54 CEST 2014

>> Does libavformat supports SMPTE 336m for MPEG-TS or only for MXF ?
> 1. AV_CODEC_ID_SMPTE_KLV is supported by the MPEG-TS. libavformat can
> mux and demux SMPTE 336M *streams*.
> 2. There are no codecs for manipulating the AV_CODEC_ID_SMPTE_KLV packets.
> 3. The MXF format uses SMPTE 336M data structures. So when processing MXF
> files, libavformat also needs to read/write SMPTE 336M data structures.
> There are functions inside mxf*c for achieving this.

How should I use libavformat to create the MXF with the KLV metadata
and how should I use libavformat to parse the KLV metadata from the
video file?


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