[Libav-user] Adding an audio track to a video

Mick O'Doherty anmiodoherty at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 23:18:41 CEST 2014


I have tried searching the archive for this list (using google - if there
is a better way, please let me know) and could not find an answer to my
question, so I will post it here.

I am trying to find some examples or guidelines that help show how to add
an audio track to a video programatically using ffmpeg API's (i.e. the C
API's not the command line).

I did this a few years ago using the command line approach wrapped in a
script - the command, which worked fine, was:

fmpeg -y -i OriginalvideoFile.mp4 -vcodec copy -i Mp3AudioFile.mp3 -acodec
copy resultVideoFile.mp4

I'd like to achieve the same thing but this time use the appropriate API
calls from a C program.

Any pointers gratefully appreciated.

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