[Libav-user] Building with purchased libraries

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri Dec 11 00:15:40 CET 2015


On Tuesday 08 December 2015 01:00:47 am Yury Udovichenko wrote:
> Our company is in process of purchasing binary version of x264 
> library from the legal representative of the library owner.

The legal representative of libx264 should answer your questions.
(You pay him, don't you?)

We - FFmpeg developers - support the GPL version of libx264. If you 
buy another version of x264, I sincerely hope it is not our task 
to give support for that.

If your question was: "Am I allowed to change configure?" - of 
course you are, FFmpeg is open source software! (You have to 
distribute the sources you used if you distribute binaries based 
on FFmpeg sources, no matter if you changed them or not.)
The configure check is meant to help you in the sense that you 
don't unintentionally break the GPL, it is neither meant to 
stop you from intentionally breaking the GPL nor is it meant to 
stop you from linking other, proprietary libraries: You have to 
know their license and the implications.

Thanks, Carl Eugen

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