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Clément Champetier cnt at mikrosimage.eu
Tue Mar 31 16:24:07 CEST 2015


I work on an opensource project, AvTranscoder (
https://github.com/mikrosimage/avTranscoder), which is basically a project
to give a high level API of ffmpeg in C++, Java and python.

To easily launch some encodes, we created preset files, with the same idea
of ffpreset: text files with a list of key/value to set several options of
the encoder before the process.

I saw some useful commands in the ffmpeg project, to manage preset files:
We would like to manipulate this type of command to get presets, like these

Unfortunately, no functions are exposed in your library to manage the
What is your position about it? Is it in your road map to give the
developers the ability to manipulate ffpreset from outside?

Best regards,

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