[Libav-user] enumerating codec_tags

Steffen.Roeber at hella.com Steffen.Roeber at hella.com
Fri May 22 07:58:43 CEST 2015

is there any way to iterate through all codec_tags of an AVOutputFormat 
without using the private header internal.h? I need that header because 
AVCodecTag is there.
Currently I'm trying something like:
auto enumFormat = av_guess_format(nullptr, qPrintable(extension), nullptr
for (uint32 i = 0; enumFormat->codec_tag && enumFormat->codec_tag[i]; ++i)
          auto tag = enumFormat->codec_tag[i];

          while (tag->id != AV_CODEC_ID_NONE)
            encoder = avcodec_find_encoder(tag->id);

            if (encoder && encoder->type == AVMEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO && 

What I need, are all codec that are supported by a AVOutputFormat.

Kind regards
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