[Libav-user] image + song = video and still search

Emanuel Berg embe8573 at student.uu.se
Fri May 29 03:39:23 CEST 2015

Emanuel Berg writes:

>> ISO Media, Apple iTunes AAC-LC (.M4A) Audio
> OK, I take that back. Everything seems to go ten
> times as fast with mp3 files, that is
>     Audio file with ID3 version 2.4.0, contains:
>     MPEG ADTS, layer III, v1, 64 kbps, 44.1 kHz,
>     Stereo
> So I'll just put my m4a:s into mp3:s.
> But I still need help with the original problem.

OK, I take that back as well!

I found this command, and zsh interface, works, and it
isn't any less slow with m4a:s turned into mp3:s.

    img-song () {
        local img=$1
        local song=$2
        local new=$3
        ffmpeg -loop 1 -i $img -i $song \
               -c:v libx264 -tune stillimage \
               -c:a aac -strict experimental -b:a 192k \
               -pix_fmt yuv420p -shortest $new

The result file is:

    ISO Media, MP4 Base Media v1 [IS0 14496-12:2003]

Feel free to suggest improvements to the command tho :)

The mp4 is 8.3M, the m4a 6.7M and the png 2.7M.

underground experts united

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