[Libav-user] Help with sws_scale

Arthur Muller muller at vki.com
Mon Feb 1 17:39:13 CET 2016


*  Are you encoding to h264 ? You might want to use YUV444P, as it will avoid downsampling the u,v channels.

Actually, I’m optionally encoding to either h264 or mpeg4. In one case I call

avformat_alloc_output_context2 (&oc,NULL,”mp4”,NULL);

and in the other case I call


I assume that these are correct calls. When I use “mp4” I can open the file with Windows Media with no problem. When I open with “h264” Windows Media does not work. But our customers have asked for this, but so far I have no way of verifying the resulting mp4 file as none of my players can play it.

In fact, I have another thread where I’ve asked about how to use openh264 instead of the built-in h264. I’m waiting to hear on that.


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