[Libav-user] RTP streaming: Protocol not on whitelist 'file'

Yu Ang Tan yuang86 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 06:41:58 EEST 2016


I am trying to open an SDP file to receive an RTP stream and I get this

[rtp @ 03928900] Protocol not on whitelist 'file'!
Failed: cannot open input.
avformat_open_input() fail: Invalid data found when processing input

Normally if I were using ffplay on the console, I would add the option
-protocol_whitelist file,udp,rtp and it would work fine.

So I tried this:

AVDictionary *d = NULL;
av_dict_set(&d, "protocol_whitelist", "file, udp, rtp", 0);
ret = avformat_open_input(&inFormatCtx, filename, NULL, &d);

But the same message still pops up.
Any ideas?
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