[Libav-user] statically linking x264 and x265 into ffmpeg

Peter Steinbach steinbach at scionics.de
Fri Sep 16 15:31:22 EEST 2016

>> ./configure --prefix=/tmp/ffmpeg --disable-programs --enable-pic
>> --enable-static --enable-libx264 --enable-libx265 --enable-gpl
>> --extra-ldflags="/home/steinbac/software/x264/master-static/lib/libx264.a
>> /home/steinbac/software/x265/master-static/lib/libx265.a"
> As said, --enable-static has no effect, I suggest you remove
> it to avoid misunderstandings.
> [...]
>> I checked libavcodec with nm, and I see stuff like this:
>> $ nm libavcodec.a|grep ff_hevc_transform_add16_10_sse2
>> 0000000000002810 T ff_hevc_transform_add16_10_sse2
>>                  U ff_hevc_transform_add16_10_sse2
> These are symbols from FFmpeg's decoder (note the "ff_"),
> they are unrelated to x265.
> (You can test by recompiling without x265.)

Just to confirm the following does the static linking that I aspired to:
./configure --prefix=${HOME}/software/ffmpeg/3.0.2-x264-hevc-static 
--disable-shared --enable-pic --enable-libx264 --enable-libx265 
${HOME}/software/x265/master-static/lib/libx265.a" ... more flags ...

Thanks Carl Eugen,

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