[Libav-user] MMAL error 2 on control port

Menion menion at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 18:56:04 EET 2017

Hi all
I'm working on improving the GPU accelerated transcoding for TV Headend
I'm running into trouble when using mpeg2_mmal codec for the decoding of
the input stream. If I use mpeg2video native it works ok
The error I get is:

MMAL error 2 on control port

According to the MMAL interface, error 2 is ENOSPC
Looking at the vcdb log I see:

alloc_compact_internal(space=3291328, in_low_region=0, mode=7) failed

I'm a little bit lost here. I have noticed that if I transcode the same
input stream, with ffmpeg it works, but apparently mpeg2_mmal output a
decoded stream of 768x576 even if the input, in my case is 320x240.
Does the mpeg2_mmal codec require some special pre initialization or?
Thanks for the support
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