[Libav-user] How to set priv data options like VBR for ie libfdk_aac, or abr vor libmp3lame

Henri Zikken zikken at xs4all.nl
Sun Apr 1 13:16:43 EEST 2018

Dear all,


I am trying to control the settings for encoding to several formats, amongst
which libfdk_aac. Now I'm trying to set an option like the VBR settings, to
no avail.


The option can be between 0 and 5.  I have tried like 20 ways to set it now,
to no avail.


For instance:


int ret = av_opt_set(_codecContext, "vbr", 0, 0);


returns 'option not found'.


int ret = av_opt_set(_codecContext->priv_data, "vbr", 0, 0);


returns 'invalid argument'.


Same goes for av_opt_set(_codec, "vbr",0,0); and the variant with priv_data.


setting an AVDictionary also does not work:


AVDictionary * opts = NULL;



int ret = av_opt_set_dict(_codecContext->priv_data, &opts);

int ret = av_opt_set_dict(_codecContext, &opts);

int ret = av_opt_set_dict(_codec, &opts);

int ret = av_opt_set_dict(_codec->priv_data, &opts);


al does exactly nothing.


So how do I set this blasted option?!?! :P


I know the option is present in the aac_enc_options struct:


static const AVOption aac_enc_options[] = {


  { "vbr", "VBR mode (1-5)", offsetof(AACContext, vbr), AV_OPT_TYPE_INT, {


This ends up in aac_enc_class:


static const AVClass aac_enc_class = {


.option     = aac_enc_options,


Which in turn ends up as the .priv_class for the codec:


AVCodec ff_libfdk_aac_encoder = {


.priv_class            = &aac_enc_class,


Any help would be appriciated. 




Henri Zikken



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