[Libav-user] SPS decoding question

Mark Nelson markn at ieee.org
Thu Apr 19 21:32:21 EEST 2018

Can anyone give a good explanation of why decode_hrd_parameters() in
libavcodec/h264_ps.c passes over the value of bit_rate_value_minus1 in the
HRD, tossing it and not making room in the SPS structure for it?

There are times (I think) when this might be the only place one can find
the bit rate for a video stream. So, for example, if I extract an H.264
stream from a TS stream and view it in isolation, ffprobe can tell me a lot
about it, but not the bit rate - it needs to get that from the PMT.

Is this just something that nobody thinks is that important, or am I wrong
about how that value can be used?


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